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FAQ - Form Sar 7

What’s your favourite “bullpup” firearm and why?
My current favorite is the Tavor x95 which I use for competitions. I’ve trained on the SAR 21 (Singapore) during my time in the draft, shot the original Tavor SAR 21 (Israeli) and like the handling of bullpups in general.But why the X95?It’s reliable. I’m not the best shooter around, but just having a reliable guns that doesn't jam moves me up about 25 spots in a match with a 100 competitors.The X95, with the abundance of rails, makes it mission versatile. If the competition is mostly close targets, throw on a holographic sight. Out to 400m plus? An ACOG or a variable scope keeps me in the game.The x95 can easily swap calibers 9mm or 556, and it’s just a 10 minute job, that means I can shoot more matches with the same rifle and not needs to change up my weapons handling. This matter when places are won or lost in tenths of a second.It’s ambidextrous. For a left hander like me, finding true left handed rifles is like finding a unicorn.The small form factor makes it fantastic for run and gun courses, and weapons manipulation like magazine changes takes place in my “work” space without significant changes in the placement of the rifle on my shoulder.The x95 has enough after market parts to make it “race” out. It’s not going to keep up with a true race gun due to the weight and the speed of the bolt cycling, but it’s close.It just bring a smile to my face when I shoot it. My raced out AR15 get the job done, but the experience is so ubiquitous it’s kinds of “meh” for me.Here is my raced out x95 v1.0 with an EOtech and Geissele trigger.Running and gunning with the x95 at a local match, this time with a 1–4x scope.
Which are the best indicators in technical analysis?
Hi,Your question is really subjective and everyone’s answer is going to differ a lot from each other. Basically, it’s like asking someone, which is the best country to visit or something. It depends on your outlook.Technical analysis indicators are not a holy grail unto themselves. All indicators are a reflection of price movements in one form or another. So if you complicate matters by looking at different indicators and trying to forecast the stock purely on the basis of one indicator, then you’re on the wrong page.Guidelines to use technical indicators:Keep it simple. Use no more than 3 different indicators at a time.Learn the importance and impact of each indicator so you can make sense of 3 different indicators in combination. Otherwise, it’ll just be random.Understand the limitation of each indicator. What works in a trend may not work in a range and vice versa.Use it in tandem with price action as price is the basis of technical indicators.A few important indicators which will solve the need for indicators:Moving Averages: No holy grail here, some people like to use SMA, some use EMA. Overall the standard time frames are enough to gauge the trend.Stochastic: For me, Slow stochastic feels like a better indicator. Fast can be too noisy.MACD: Well if you’re a short-term trader then it is not very useful. It is best used in combination with a stochastic or RSI.Bollinger Bands: Very useful. In normal circumstances a standard deviaton of 2 is applied.Hope this helps.P.S - You can get over 65 different indicators on Fyers One. Try it out!Co-Founder & CEO, Fyers - Your Next-Generation Online Stockbroker
What are some places in India that are hard to believe exist until you visit them?
2023 for me was the year of travel; I spent nearly two months all together travelling across India. Here are 10 amazing and surprising places I went to :-10. ) Pangong Tso isn’t the only blue lake of IndiaThe lake above is Chandrataal lake in Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh. Lake is accessible from May to October and is situated at height of 14,100 feet amidst Himalayas. One can sit near the lake and watch the colors change all day!  9. ) Hostels like Europe do exist in India!After watching various Hollywood movies, one definitely gets tempted to explore the hostel culture of Europe ( which is still on my list) , but on advice of some friends I decided to try Jungle Hostel for my last two days at Vagator Beach, Goa. Best hostel experience ever. You dream of a hostel with people from all walks of life from all over the world with only goal: to experience the culture and travel? If yes, then such hostels do exist in India! 8. ) In Kal Bhairav temple, the Prasad is liquorKal Bhairav temple, Ujjain ( Madhya Pradesh) was definitely one of the strangest temples I’ve ever been to. Whereas in other temples of Hindu gods we offer sweets to god, at Kal Bhairav temple the Prasad you offer ranges from desi to IMFL, we offered Blenders Pride!  7. ) You must be AIDS free to enter Osho AshramI was in Pune visiting my old friend and meanwhile at Koregaon Park decided to meditate at famous Osho Ashram ( known as Osho Interational Meditation resort) , but to my surprise I had to first undergo AIDS test which turned negative so I was given entry. I learnt there that anyone AIDS positive is not allowed to enter resort premises. 6. )There is a MUMMY in India!I always thought I’ll have to travel to Egypt to see a Mummy. Little did I know, one of the surpirses waiting for me in my Spiti road-trip was the Mummy of Shanga Tenzin ( believed to be around 600 yeards) of a Tibetian monk in Gue, which is near Tabo Monastery in Spiti Valley.According to legend he asked his followers to mummify him during a scorpion infestation in the town, and when his spirit left his body, a rainbow appeared and the scorpions disappeared. 5. ) There is a solar observatory in Rajasthan..on an island!This is Udaipur Solar Observatory situated inside Fateh Sagar Lake in Udaipur. Rajasthan being the state with most cloudless days and low air turbulunce due to surrounding water make USO one of the best solar observatories in Asia.It was built following the model of the Solar Observatory at Big Bear lake in Southern California 4. ) Untouchabilty still exists in IndiaMalana: Chances are you have probably heard of this name before. They produce one of the world’s best quality Hashish in the world. This village which lies in Parvati valley has untouchability culture where you are not supposed to touch locals at all! You get fined if you touch their temple and locals won’t let you touch themselves or touch you either. 3. ) There exists a place in India which has more Israelis than IndiansA visit to Kasol is all you need to know about Israeli culture, you see more signboards in Hebrew in Kasol than in English. Kasol is one of the best places for hippies and is one of the favourite destinations of Israeli youth after their stint at Israel Defence Services. 2. ) India has a vehicle-free hill station!While travelling across Maharashtra I did a short detour to Matheran which is hardly two hours from Mumbai and upon reaching there I learnt it’s India’s only automobile-free hill station, nothing except horses. Not even bicycles, only ambulances may enter the hill station premises in case of emergency. 1. ) Chittorgarh Fort is an all-in-one package of Indian History!Chittorgarh fort is the largest in India but is also richest in terms of historical signifciance. From Pandavas to Rana Pratap , from Akbar to Mirabai, this fort has significant history of almost every Indian historical character. History peeps out from everywhere in this huge fort!
What could be the leading indicator in technical analysis?
There are lots of indicators in technical analysis, but i suggest top 10 here:-Top 10 Best Indicators & Overlays For Technical Analysis:-Moving Average:-This indicator is used for display the average price of an instrument over a specific period of time.2) MACD:-MACD full form is Moving Average Convergence/Divergence which is a very effective indicator that gives a more accurate result.3) RSI:-RSI full form is Relative Strength Index. RSI measures the magnitude of recent price changes to analyze overbought or oversold conditions.4) Stochastic:-A technical investment analysis tool used to measure a security's closing price in comparison to its price range over a given period of time.5) Bollinger Band:-Bollinger bands are usually used to measure and visualize volatility. Volatility increase, the wider the band become and volatility decrease, the gap between bands narrows.6) Pivot Points:-Pivot Points are used to set Support and resistance levels. Pivot points use prior period's High, Low and Close to ethe future support and resistance levels.7) Ichimoku Cloud:-Ichimoku Cloud that shows support and resistance, and momentum and trend direction.8) Parabolic SAR:-Parabolic is used for time/Price system and SAR stands for "Stop and Reverse".9) ADX:- ADX is used to determine when a price is trending strongly, used to quantify trend strength.10) Volume:-In this indicator it shows buying and selling of traders by its turnover. this is indicator is different from other because it not use price to predict the trend.Above is the list of Top 10 best indicators and overlays for technical analysis that are used most of time by most of traders.
How should Latin words be pronounced, given that the way I was taught at school doesn't seem to be the way people pronounce them
Latin pronunciation wasn’t static. Caesar’s pronunciation would have been different than the Latin you would have heard a few hundred years later when it became standard in the Church. That being said, you really have a couple of optionsYou can just use English sounds as you see fit. Most people will tend to do this.You can pick an era of Latin and try to use those sounds instead. Be prepared for people to not know what you are talking about though.If you elect the latter, here is a general guide:C is always hard (as in cake) in early Latin but probably had a CH (as in church) in late Latin and generally does in Church Latin in many words.G is always hard (as in gate or garden), but probably had a softer sound (like giraffe) in late Latin and generally does in Church Latin in many words.There is no J sound in early Latin and no letter J sin any form of Latin. Any place English puts a J in a Roman word, the Romans would have had an I and pronounced a consonant Y soundVowels for the most part sound like Italian (A, E, I, O U are ah, ay, ee, oh, oo). Except there is no letter U (see below). There are short versions of the vowels as well.U and W did not exist. The letter V was both a consonant and a vowel. The consonant form had a W sound in early Latin but changed to a V over time. The vowel form was the U sound as above.Latin has a lot of diphthongs, which are two vowel sounds that smudge together to form a new sound. AE is “ay”, AV is “ow”, AI is “aye”, OE is “oy”, EI is “ay”The Romans didn’t use the letter Y or the PH or PS combinations until they started importing words from Greek. There was probably a subtle difference in how they pronounced these 9since they didn’t simply use their own letters for these sounds), but you can just use a long E (as in knee) for Y, an F for PH, and an S for PS.There are some extra rules which affect how some letters are pronounced before what are called front and back vowels, as was brought up in the comments. Basically, in most European languages, consonants tend to be harder when they precede back vowels (gate, cop) and softer when they precede front vowels (gin, cell). Latin did this over time, and this is the main reason for the changes in 1 and 2 above.So…Gaius Julius Caesar (GAIVS IULIVS CAESAR) is “guy-oos you-lee-oos kay-sar”Augustus (AVGVSTVS) is “ow-goos-toos”Veni vidi vici is “way-nee wee-dee wee-kee”Antoninus Pius is “ahn-toh-nee-noos pee-oos”Marcus Aurelius is “mahr-koos ow-ray-lee-oos”The Catholic prayer Regina Coeli would have been “ray-gee-nah koy-lee” with a hard G in early Latin but is usually “ray-jee-nah chay-lee” in Church Latin.And my personal favorite - the short-lived and little-remembered emperor Pupienus is “poo-pee-ay-noos”. Yes, it sounds like Poopy Anus. History teachers no doubt rejoice that they don’t have to teach about him.
Who is the best goalkeeper right now?
My pick would undoubtedly be Gianluigi Buffon.I mean I began watching this man when I was around 7. Now I’m 24 and he’s still playing at the top level!I was fascinated then. I’m fascinated now.He’s often touted to be the greatest ever between the sticks and why not? How many goalkeepers can you name who’ve played at the top for around 20 years?When Dino Zoff says Buffon is the GOAT, we must stand up and listen.Let’s take a peek at what makes Buffon the best:Consistency: This one’s easy. The only other player who could touch him in this department is Zoff himself. He has been playing top flight football for over 20 years and has remained world class for that long.Reflexes: For a man as large as Buffon, he has pulled off some stunning reflex saves throughout his career. Remember the Zidane header he saved at point blank range during the 2023 WC final? A save that left Zidane in utter disbelief.Positioning: His ability to read the game is rivaled by a few enabling him to position himself perfectly to minimize those gravity defying reflex saves. This combined with his tactical intelligence, decision making and game reading makes him a force to be reckoned with.Longevity: Not even Buffon can escape ageing. But he, a lot like Ronaldo adapted and changed his game shaking off the spectsaves in favor of efficiency.Leader: An elephant in the dressing room, he is known for his discipline, determination, charisma, being a vocal presence in front of goal and arranging the defensive back line how he deems fit.I’ll leave you with some words from people who have played with and against him."The best goalkeeper I have ever faced was Buffon. When I was at Juventus, it was already difficult to get past Cannavaro and Thruam in defence during training sessions. If I managed to get past them, then I would find Buffon, and it was almost impossible to beat him!"—Zlatan IbrahimovicThere have been some very good goalkeepers in my era, but Buffon is there for consistency. Most of the goalkeepers have had times when their form has not been so good, but Buffon has been at such a high level for so long."—Ronaldinho“He is an exceptional goalkeeper. He has my admiration and maximum respect.For Goalkeepers that are a little younger than him he has been a reference, he has driven us and we wanted to be like him.”—Iker Casillas“He is an exceptional goalkeeper. I’m lucky to have played with him since we were 15.For me, he’s unique, and perhaps the best goalkeeper ever. Watching him playing and training is awesome.”—Andrea Pirlo“Buffon is my idol.”—Manuel Neuer“Oliver Kahn, Peter Schmeichel and Edwin Van Der Sar inspired me early in my career. Each of them had something inspiring, because they were all different characters.Then Buffon appeared and changed everything.”—Petr Cech“Buffon is the Maradona of goalkeepers. It’s not going to be easy to find another like him.”—Emiliano Viviano“The best players I ever coached?I could select two whole teams, but Buffon would be the only player to be in both of them.”—Fabio Capello“Gigi is simply number one.”—Paul Pogba“Buffon is the best goalkeeper of all time. He has always been decisive.”—David TrezeguetGrazie Gigi!.
Will Saudi Arabia become like today's Venezuela in three years if oil prices stay low?
I would doubt that being the case. There are interesting differences between KSA and Venezuela.Lets start with Crude Oil, which serves as the backbone of both nations economy. While Venezuela boasts of higher reserves, you have to understand that a good majority of that is Heavy Crude Oil. It costs Venezuela $28/barrel on average to produce oil in comparison to $9 for the Saudis.{1} Saudis Aramco produces around 10.5m Barrels oil/day whereas its counterpart PDVSA only produces 2.2m. {2} Further the majority of Saudi Crude Oil Exports today lands in Asia (China, Japan, ROK, India etc.) wherein there is a slight premium over Brent Crude Price. Now that we have the basics of Oil taken care of, lets move over to Cash Reserves and Fiscal Situation.As of 2023. Saudi still holds a little over $700Bn in its Central Bank (SAMA) holdings and Sovereign Investment Fund (PIF, KSA) whereas its Counterpart FEM has a paltry .8Bn. Next, we should consider how they fare when it comes to National Government Debt, wherein KSA had $84 Bn (SAR 316.5 Bn ) {4} in relation to $150Bn owed by the Venezuelans. {5}. Considering the fact that the Venezuelan Government has already declared insolvency, its Fiscal comparison to Saudi Arabia is highly unfair. Looking at their national budgets, KSA has it at $261B for 2023 while Venezuela at a mere $8bn (Real Market Rate). Can you see the difference now? The gap is immense. Now coming over to Import/Export Data, we see that Venezuela only exported $34.3Bn worth of commodities while Saudi Arabia was at $182Bn.{6}{7}I don’t mean to hoodwink anyone by portraying that all is good and rosy in KSA as of the moment. Their leading firms such as Saudi Oger have shut down, while Saudi Binladen Group have been forced to restructure. Things aren’t rosy in the Kingdom either, it’s just that they are acutely aware of it and are making amends to rectify it. Immense labor law changes have come to place, with a push towards larger domestic workforce participation. As many as 100k students have been sponsored to study at Universities in the US alone in the past decade. Cities such as Jubail and Yanbu have been setup in the past decades to prop up Petro-Chemical Industries. Further, industries such as Food Processing and Manufacuring Assembly of products such as HVAC systems (For Example, Zamil AC) and Heavy Duty Trucks (Zahid Tractors - Renault) {8} have been setup. Change is slow, but coming! Unfortunately the same can’t be said of Venezuela, where it seems that officials under the guise of Socialism and Welfare have siphoned off Billions from the Treasury in order to self-benefit. Even the GM Assembly Plant has now been shut off! Saudis on the other hand are a form of Welfare Economy with a Capitalistic tinge. While many may not recognize Saudi as a traditional tourist hotspot , it plays host to over 8 million religious tourist for pilgrimage from around the world. That brings in considerable foreign exchange too!Lastly, I don’t think KSA is a 100% immune from going broke, rather just that it’s gonna take more than just a few years of low oil prices. On the other hands other Gulf Countries such as Kuwait, UAE and Qatar have reached reserves of such magnitude (600Bn+, 1300Bn+, 350Bn+ respectively), that they really are well and good even without oil. Just take the example of UAE, which even with a paltry 3% ROI on their funds, can easily generate $40Bn every year. This is more than enough to power a citizen population of 1.1m.On a different note, while both countries, hosts roughly 32 million residents, Saudi Arabia (A 700bn G-20 Economy) hosts a higher share of alien expats (11m), yielding a citizen population of 21m. This allows them to easily diversify their workforce and continue hosting cheap labor from South & South East Asia.{1} Barrel Breakdown{2}Pg 17 of OPEC Annual Report http://www.opec.org/opec_web/sta...{3} SWFI - Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute{4} Saudi Arabia's national debt has exploded since the oil crash{5} China says Venezuela can 'appropriately' handle debt load{6}Venezuela (VEN) Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners{7} Saudi Arabia (SAU) Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners{8} First Saudi-built Renault trucks roll off assembly line
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