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FAQ - Form Sar 7

Is NS in Singapore nowadays much easier than it was 10 years ago?
You are most likely referring to military NS yes?Yes it is easier. But let me explain.The SAF as an organisation has changed over the decades. It has improved equipment, training doctrine and logistics. Like any other armed force in the modern world, given time it would have developed for the better.1.) SAF conscripts now have access to modern medical facilities in every camp.Yeah yeah okay I know I know, its a fecking dummy. Alright? But you get the point…2.) They have better food preparationIt tastes better than it looks imho.Better rations that could be compared with US army MREsNot bad eh? Throw in some M&Ms and everything's perfect!3.) Soldiers also have access to better equipment now. Compared to 10 years ago, the LBV( load bearing vest) provides better protection and modular capability.Left to right old to new4.) Better running shoes for physical training, along with sports wear like singlets and shorts made from comfortable dri-fit material.Cheesy crust‣ this is starting to look like an SAF e-mart advertisement. God….5.) Training-wise, the Standard Obstacle Course has also been revamped. It's easier now, but in my opinion? Makes more sense while still providing a challenge.The older SOC while more challenging was kind of illogical in some respects…How would this ever be needed in an operational context?The idea behind the SOC is to create obstacles that would most likely hinder a serviceman in a combat setting. That being said, apart from the obstacles, the rundowns still exist.6.) The IPPT system has been revamped, from 5 to 3 stations.Much easier to train for now.Yep I know, older servicemen be laughing now. Hahaha so easy! But to be honest, I think that it gives servicemen the incentive to train harder precisely because it has been shortened. I mean, for a working adult, how convenient is it to knock out 50 push-ups immediately as compared to finding a pull-up bar and struggling just to do 5 reps? Also, the requirement for push-ups and sit-ups is pretty damn strict, with close attention paid to form for NS men.Besides, the SAF isn't the only army in the world to incorporate push-ups and sit-ups into fitness tests.7.) Different service rifleRugged and super easy to use. What's not to like?The SAR-21 is by no means perfect. But it fits the operational requirements of the army. It's easy to strip and assemble. Has an effective optic for quick target acquisition. It's also more ergonomic to carry and handle. Altogether, a very cleverly designed firearm that ticks nearly all the boxes.So after all is said and done, my point is that yes military NS is easier. But mainly because doctrine and logistics have changed. It's safer now, with close attention paid to the welfare of servicemen. Better designed footwear such as PT shoes and boots to prevent foot and ankle injuries. Beds now have proper King Koil mattresses rather than some beat up crap. No. 4 uniforms are now slightly more comfortable( though not by much).Better food because who likes eating metal wire bee hoon and drinking diluted cordial? Do you?To all older servicemen:I understand that it sucked back then. But just because you had it rough doesn't mean you were necessarily better as a fighting force. Remember, our training doctrine has remained largely unchanged, so requirements are still there.Shitty living conditions doth not a better soldier make.Did you notice a difference in the way you performed your duties back then? Was it better for you? No you were just pissed off and unhappy. Didn't exactly make you tougher.I remember a warrant officer during NS telling us about how he never had proper running shoes when he was doing NS. He compared his shoes to the footwear of lion dance performers.“That's why our knee problems are worsened now.”He didn't make it sound as if it was a good thing. He simply lamented the fact that it had to be that way.Some older servicemen still cry out in indignation! “Generation of farking pussies!” they wail.*clears throat*So you'd rather be injured unnecessarily? And for what? In my opinion, the close care paid to simple things like hydration can prevent unnecessary accidents.In training, the slightest lapse in safety can still result in injury or death. That part has not changed. But I think the percentage of training related mishaps has gone down, we've come a long way.Come on, these are still young men sacrificing 2 years of youth for an obligation which even during your days if I remember correctly; was not voluntary.Many people hate NS and it isn't perfect. But some people like me were happy to do it and didn't mind because we saw value in it. It's just a major downer when I still come across older male Singaporeans deriding the younger ones of today; because of circumstances that are beyond their control but still very much welcomed.ADDITIONAL POINTS:I would like to add that the SAR-21 is slightly heavier than the M-16. And also, the tactical vests or LBVs are actually more uncomfortable and also trap heat. So you see, not everything today is necessarily easier ;)
How was your UPSC ESE 2023 interview?
ESE 2023 Interview (Electronics and Telecommunication)Name : Vaibhav ChhabraDate : 14-Sept-2018Final Result : AIR 32Marks : 118/200 (I was expecting around 130 though)Chairman (CM) : Air Marshall A.S. Bhonsale ( Charming Gentlemen with a big smile , made me very comfortable)Technical Advisors : 2 females (F1, F2 ) and 1 male (M3) (All welcomed me with warm smile)Interview Duration - 28 minsInterview Transcript :Me : May I come in , wished all Good morning.CM : Have your seat .Me: Thank you sir. (All 4 panelists welcomed me with warm smiles , that made me less nervous)CM: How are you Vaibhav?Me: I am fine Sir , Thank you . How are you?CM : We all are fine ( with wide smile) . Seeing your DAF , you seem to be a suitable candidate and for next 20-25 mins we will ask you some questions and will check your Technical knowledge and general awareness. You can answer in English , Hindi , Mixed whatever is comfortable. Here is your note pad and pencil , you can use this for answering and this glass of water is for you.Shall we begin?* I feel CM is such a good personality and i became his fan just because of these initial; 3-4 minutes he spoke which broke the ice for conversation and made me very comfortable in that environment.Me: Yes , sir.CM : So your DAF seems interesting , you had teaching experience.Me : Yes sir , and explained where i worked.CM : And now you are working in BSNL as JTO.Me : Yes , sir.Cm : Oh , so you are about to complete one year on 25th sept , thats good.Me: Thank you sir.CM: Lets start with your hobbies. So you like cooking. I will give you a situation, If you have to invite 4 of us for lunch , then decide a menu and tell us the details.Me : Sir , i would like to know your preferences (I immediately started answering)CM: Dont hurry , take 10 seconds and think. This looks like an easy question , but its not that easy.Me: Thought for 10 secs and started telling menu.* This answer created a few light moments and all were smiling along with me. I feel CM was happy with my answer.CM : Lets start with technical. Have you studied RADAR in your curriculum?Me: Sorry sir , I am from Instrumentation and control background and i have not studied RADARS in my curriculum.* after which he looked at DAFCM: Oh , okay. So tell me difference between Analog systems and Digitals systems/Instruments.Me: explained him and mixed both english and hindiCM : benefits of Analog over digitala & digital over analog systemsMe: Answered him properly. I felt CM was satisfied and he signaled to F1.F1 : So , do you know differential amplifier. Draw it.Me : drawn and explained a bitF1: how is difference voltage is amplified here?Me : Thought for a while and said i cant recall , sorry.F1: Draw opamp inverting amplifier.Me: drawnF1: why gain is called inverting hereMe : explained and started proving mathematically as she asked me to. Used a word virtual short circuit. so she stopped meF1 : what is virtual ground?Me: explained , but she was not satisfied.F1: explain opamp's characteristics.Me: I made a plot and explained Linear and saturation region.F1: Why voltage in opamp saturates when it has such high gain.Me: Explained and she was satisfied.F1: applications of opamp?Me: told a few negetive feeedback based and positive feedback based and she asked for more.Me: I told flash type ADC and r-2R DACF1: what is flash type ADC , what is the benefit.Me: I explained components of flash type and told benefit of fastest ADCF1: Name few more ADCMe: Succesive approx and Ramp type.F1: explain SAR and which one better between SAR and flash type.Me : explainedF1: Disadvanatges of Flash type.Me: I couldnt recall anything , so i told it uses large number of resistors and Opamps , so for higher bits we can avoid using Flash type if speed of response is not the main criteria. I felt she was happy with the answer ( or may be i am very optimistic)Now F2 started , she was a bit aged and talked in very low volume , so had to ask question again 2-3 instances. I hope that wont affect my marks.F2: What is stability of a system.Me: Mam for any input transients must die out in a limited time,output must reach a steady state.F2: Tell names of some DAC.Me: R2R ladder , Weighted summerF2: how many clock cycles it needs at maximum for 3 bitsMe : told the answer .F2: which one is better among the two and why.Me: I said R-2R is better because we only need R and 2R throughout the circuit whereas in Weighted summer we need resistances in wide range.F2: for 3 bits tell me what all resistors you need in weighted summer.Me : I explained and she was convinced and helped me in answering also.* At this point i must tell you , just be confident in answering and if anything you dont know slow down and take time to think and they will help you . Dont answer incorrectly.I found my panel was very helping .F2: So you are from Instrumentation , tell me transducers used for pressureMe: I named almost 7-8. She was smiling.F2: Transducers for Level measurement.Me: Mam simplest is float level measurement.F2: why simplest , where it is used.Me: I explained mechanism a bit and told its used in water tanks and flush tanks. She was satisfied.Me: Then i said if liquid is dielectric , we can use cylindrical capacitance Level measurement.F2: she told to explain.Me: Mam , may i use sheet for explaining , she nodded and i explained with proper diagram and general principle.F2: any condition on liquid used in this method?Me : Yes mam , it should not be conducting otherwise short circuit will occur. liquid must be dielectric.I felt she was happy with my last answer and passed on to M3M3: What is intrumentation amplifier and is what is special about it.Me : I explained Intrumentation amplifier in short.Sir , Special thing in Instrumentation amplifer is that it has 2 voltage buffers using opamps connected to bridge output which prevents current from leaking out of the bridge.M3: What is it called.Me: Sir , loading effect.* This gentleman also had warm smiles after all my answers. He had a very nice appreciating tone and gesture after each correct answer that impressed him.M3: What is the problem when loading effect occurs?Me: Sir , accuracy of measurement is compromised and explained referring bridge and galvanometer readings.M3: We use industrial tranducers , those output signals are strong for direct processing?Me: Sir , not always. In cases of weak output we need to amplify signals using signal conditioning circuits.M3: Good , so in which department of BSNL you are posted.Me: Sir , enterprise business of NCR-1 unit.M3: BSNL must have given training .Me: yes sir.M3: where?Me: Rajpura , PunjabM3: What did you study in your training.Me: I told names of subjects.* Here i would like to tell you that i mentioned only those topics which i revised so that he asks me from that only and this only happened. He started asking me from the 2nd topic i mentioned.M3: What is full form of MPLS.M3: What is its benefit?M3: What is leased line network?M3: Why enterprise customers dont use broadband and take MPLS?M3: How it is different from point to point leased line?M3: Explain mechanism in MPLS , you can use paper pencil.M3: What is VPN tunnel ( didnt have much idea about it but answered using VPN knowledge and he seemed satisfied)M3: So we can say VPN is a premium service.* I answered almost all the questions regarding work profile in JTO , BSNL ( Fully correct or not , I am not sure but M3 seemed to be satisfied most of the time.)Finally , Chairman started looking at me with a wide smile for a pause of 6-7 seconds and said nothing and i coudnt help but smiled back.CM: Satisfied?Me: Yes , sir?CM : Fully satisfied ya aur kasar baaki hai? ( I laughed a bit with all four panelists )Me: No sir (with wide smile)CM : Okay , so thank you.Me : Thank you sir (looking only towards CM , I forgot to say thank you to all other members but smiled to all before leaving)I enjoyed the whole interview and those 28 minutes passed with speed of light.All the best ESE aspirants.Below is link for my Interview with made easy where i shared my ESE Journey.I hope this video motivates you for all your future ventures.
What is an accurate, neutral definition of "assault weapons"?
Assault weapon doesn't have an accurate or neutral definition. There is no technical definition of what an assault weapon is. It's solely a political term. An Assault Weapon is simply whatever the law (which is created by anti-gun politicians and is thus inherently un-neutral) says it is, and that varies between jurisdictions.There is a technical definition for “Assault Rifle,” however. An assault rifle must:Be select-fire (it must have at least two different firing modes, generally one must be either automatic or burst fire to be considered)Fire an intermediate cartridge such as 5.56x45 or 7.62x39 which is substantially less powerful than a full powered rifle cartridge like 7.62x51 or 30–06Have a detachable magazineSince fully automatic (including burst) weapons are highly regulated in the US, very few civilians own true assault rifles, even if civilian AR15s do meet the other two criteria.Most gun owners get very upset if you apply the term “assault rifle” to semiautomatic rifles. For some reason the community is extraordinarily over-sensitive about terminology. I'm fine with it, I don't care. In fact, I actually believe we should use the term assault rifle, because I believe the important part of the definition is the ammunition it fires, and that saying it isn't an assault rifle because it misses one criteria and is otherwise identical is overly nitpicky. I also very strongly disagree with equally made up politically correct terms like “Modern Sporting Rifle” because all that does is justify the belief that we shouldn't be able to own weapons with scary names like “Assault Rifle.” Frankly, it doesn't matter what you call it, it's still an arm, which according to the second amendment, I have a right to bear, which shall not be infringed (Even if it already is).Oh, and guess what? I don't even throw a fit when people call a magazine a clip! It's called having a thick skin, kids.
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