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Hi guys it's February 20 it's probably 8 a.m. in the morning I just took a shower but I didn't get ready because all of my stuff to get ready is in the car yeah but anyways I want to share with you guys with my um CalFresh remember I talked to you guys about that I did get more because I did quit my job but I got more just for that month which was this month February as for that next month March I will be off medical because I quit my job if I got fired I still would have been able to receive my CalFresh but because I quit my job I can't receive food stamps no more unless I try again which I will because I need that but that's pretty dumb and then when I had tried explaining to the girl over the phone one was going on she started laughing I said what what was the point of taking off my food stamps if I had quit my job she said well you're not supposed to quit your job volunteer you're supposed to be fired I'm like so I should have just said I got fired she's like haha yeah I'm like you know what girl don't be laughing because if you don't have money for food I'm gonna be the one laughing at you you're gonna see how it fails so I got really pissed off but you know that that's whack you don't laugh when someone loses their benefits it's not funny it's not it really isn't so I'll get back to you guys later it's barely the morning and someone's about to come into the car and I don't want them to hear me talking but yeah my hairs all wet I'll get ready on my grandma's house I got a side job and I'll tell you guys about that one too but as for now let the afternoon come and then we'll get back on.